vacation ownership transfers by referral only

As our services are used by many different organizations, outside pricing may vary. Some of these companies incur costs and expenses for marketing, traveling, representatives, mail pieces, administration, just to mention a few. Resort Transfers International is a transfer company. We are not a marketing company. We do not carry that overhead. We are the company that physically facilitates the transfer of your property.

  1. In compliance with Florida HB7025. 
  2. The resort transfer fee and any other fees required by your resort to facilitate transfer are included in the pricing.
  3. Any special fees such as "attorney fees" in states that require filing by attorney only are included in the pricing. 
  4. Any additional fees that may be charged by resort developers and associations outside of the U.S. ex: General Fund Fee, declarant fee, etc. are included in the pricing
  5. Referral fees, if any, are negotiated by your developer, travel club or 3rd party representative are included in the pricing.

While we try to keep up to date with industry and resort changes in real time, prices and fees at the developer and association level seem to change daily, so on occasion, there may be a price discrepancy. And while we do not haggle or give discounts on single units, there are certain instances where you may own multiple properties at the same resort or under the same association. When this is the case, feel free to discuss this with your representative. 

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