Timeshare4Free.com is just one of the many ways that Resort Transfers International has been able to effectively transfer timeshare units to new, maintenance fee paying owners. The Timeshare4Free.com website is integrated with the proprietary, industry specific RTI Access software to make units available the moment that all documentation necessary to facilitate a transfer is received. By target marketing to new owners within a reasonable radius or driving distance of the resort, we have seen great interest and success. New owners receive a paid off timeshare, with free first year usage and NO transfer, deeding or title fees. This program gives the developer the opportunity to meet new owners, explain the benefits of ownership and feel confident that units are not going to a "viking ship". Timeshares4Free.com also offers new owners the ability to "give back" the unit after 3 years for a fee of just $595.00 + resort transfer fees. Timeshares4Free.com is a great opportunity for resorts, associations and new owners alike. If you ever want to make another go at ownership,  be sure to check out Timeshare4Free.com.