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Timeshare4Free is just one of the many ways that Resort Transfers International has been able to effectively transfer timeshare units to new, maintenance fee paying owners. The website is integrated with the proprietary, industry specific RTI Access software to make units available the moment that all documentation necessary to facilitate a transfer is received. By target marketing to new owners within a reasonable radius or driving distance of the resort, we have seen great interest and success. New owners receive a paid off timeshare, with free first year usage and NO transfer, deeding or title fees. This program gives the developer the opportunity to meet new owners, explain the benefits of ownership and feel confident that units are not going to a "viking ship". also offers new owners the ability to "give back" the unit after 3 years for a fee of just $595.00 + resort transfer fees. is a great opportunity for resorts, associations and new owners alike. If you ever want to make another go at ownership,  be sure to check out

Vacation Rentals

Through our partnership with Innovation Vacations, of Daytona Beach, FL. and our partnership with Innovation Realty, a licensed real estate broker, we are happy to announce that we will be offering vacation rentals through Innovation Vacations for those who would like the benefits of timeshare usage without the responsibility of ownership. Coming in May, Innovation Vacations will be launching their new rental portal which will offer timeshare rentals in all major destinations throughout the U.S. A full palette of prime destinations and highly desirable "red" weeks will be available. Why squeeze your family into a hotel when you can choose from a studio, 1BR, 2BR or more at a resort location? All rental properties will also be offered for sale, so if you love where you stayed, you can own it!

Consumer Advocacy

In some instances, the transfer of a timeshare unit may be complicated. While this is the exception, not the rule, owners who find themselves in this position need help too. Although Resort Transfers International does not actively offer an internal consumer advocacy program, we have been around long enough to see which solutions work and which ones don’t. Some of the reasons for taking the path of consumer advocacy as opposed to traditional transfer would be:

  1. Incomplete information on a resort. 
  2. Resort closed/bankrupt.
  3. HOA has transfer fees that are excessive.
  4. HOA has unrealistic transfer requirements.
  5. HOA refuses to cooperate with 3rd party organizations. 

When you contact Resort Transfers International regarding a transfer, we will let you know right away if your property may fall into this category. If so, you will be referred to one of our industry associates you may be able to effectively help you find a resolution. As always, we suggest that you contact your resort and see if there is an amicable way to resolve your issues prior to contacting ANY transfer company.

Timeshare Transfers

The one and only priority of Resort Transfers International is transferring timeshare. Our mission is to identify a new, maintenance fee paying owner for each and every resort, regardless of week, season, maintenance amount or location. We believe that timeshare is a great product if owners take the time to learn how to use it, and let's face it, EVERYONE needs a vacation. We do what we do for the good of owners and the industry alike. Some people see a greater benefit in timeshare ownership vs travel club and others exactly the opposite. But regardless of which you prefer, getting out of your current obligation should not be a nightmare. We want to make the industry better. Choose Resort Transfers International.

Our Real Estate Broker

In compliance with State law, Resort Transfers International, LLC. has partnered with Innovation Realty, Inc., a Florida Real Estate Broker.  FL LIC # BK696102.  The broker, Mr. Ronald Beauchamp, oversees the actual transfer process to make certain that all rules and regulations related to real estate are fully realized. Mr. Beauchamp also keeps the company up do date on new laws, regulations and changes to existing guidelines that may impact our company and the industry as a whole. Mr. Beauchamp and Innovation Realty have had a long term presence in the Daytona Beach area and have zero consumer complaints. They can be reached at: 

Innovation Realty

Address: 3103 Waterway Pl, Port Orange, FL 32128

Phone: (386) 756-8686

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