• View 3rd Party Transfer Inventory
  • Waive / Exercise ROFR
  • Reacquire Prime Inventory
  • Update Transfer Fees
  • Ensure Clear Title on Transfers
  • Eliminate Rogue Transfer Companies


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  • Industry specific CRM
  • Real Time Owner Monitoring
  • Real Time Liability Tracking
  • 1000s of up to date transfer fees
  • Multiple permission levels
  • Direct affiliation with leading title company
  • And many, many more...


RTI Access

RTI Access

About RTI Access

The challenges that HOAs and Developers have faced over the last several years when dealing with "transfer" and "relief" companies is well documented. This subject has come up religiously at ARDA every year, yet there has been no solution. In the past 7 years, Resort Transfers International has been working diligently to provide a true solution to this problem. One of the most important issues is that developers and HOAs do not know what inventory is floating around out there, and once they do, it is already at risk of being in bad hands, leaving the Developer or HOA helpless in the ultimate disposition of the property. Foreclosures, clouded titles and unhappy owners are unnecessary expenses that are cutting into your bottom line. Our "RTI ACCESS" allows developers and HOAs to view, in real time, inventory that is currently in the transfer pipeline. You can not only view the inventory, but also exercise or waive ROFR, seamlessly reacquire inventory and communicate directly with the transfer company to make sure title and deeding is accurate. Contact us today for your username and password!

Our Mission

It is our belief that the timeshare transfer debacle is not only something that is fixable, but can actually be modified to help the industry flourish. Our business model was designed to find homes for ALL inventory, regardless of week, season or other variables. Our software, which has been received very favorably with HOAs and Developers alike, is 7 years in the making and is designed to give complete transparency to Owners, Developers and HOAs, and to deliver a seamless, automated environment for the efficient transfer of timeshare and accurate supporting documentation. Our goal is to continue expanding our relationships with developers, HOAs and legitimate transfer companies through mutual utilization of our software, while weeding out non-compliant transfer companies. By having representation on all sides of the equation, we can not only ensure a safe method for those who no longer want their timeshare, but we can also bring costs to all parties down significantly, to an acceptable level. This will also provide safety for smaller HOAs with no active sales floor. Let's help each other!