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Incompetent transfer companies are not the only problem. There are companies that strive to produce solid results for the client, but fail in other areas. Issues with the actual transference of the property can cause an equal number of problems for both resorts and owners. And for companies who are doing higher volume, keeping track of each owner in the process can be a task in itself. Most companies use ineffective, modified, third party CRMs to monitor the transfer flow. And some are still using pencil and paper. RTI Access is a proprietary piece of software that has been in constant development since 2010. It is completely industry specific and covers almost every possible scenario when it comes to the transfer process. It is, by far, the most comprehensive software in the transfer business. And you can only find it at Resort Transfers International, LLC.  Here are just a few of the features:

1. Complete transparency for Transfer Companies, Owners, Developers and any user

2. Multiple permission levels

3. Full tracking of transfer process from inception to completion

4. Complete monitoring of transfer related expenses, from individual client to overall expenses on a corporate level

5. Maintenance fee liability tracking on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly levels

6. Updating database of thousands of resort developers, HOAs, contact information, resort transfer fees and associated costs

7. Ability to track and catalog an unlimited amount of owners/clients

8. Can create reports with over 1000 possible combinations from client, resort, hoa, unit and any other data within the system

9. Can automatically notify owner, resort, HOA, clients or any other party via customizable email of any event within the system.

10. Automatically generates full color, full page marketing ads with all unit information, property descriptions and full color images of resorts  

11. Has existing and customizable, resort specific transfer documents that can autopopulate for smooth transfers

The system abilities are far too many to list.

Ask your transfer company if they are using RTI Access.  

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