Consumer Advocacy

In some instances, the transfer of a timeshare unit may be complicated. While this is the exception, not the rule, owners who find themselves in this position need help too. Although Resort Transfers International does not actively offer an internal consumer advocacy program, we have been around long enough to see which solutions work and which ones don’t. Some of the reasons for taking the path of consumer advocacy as opposed to traditional transfer would be:

  1. Incomplete information on a resort. 
  2. Resort closed/bankrupt.
  3. HOA has transfer fees that are excessive.
  4. HOA has unrealistic transfer requirements.
  5. HOA refuses to cooperate with 3rd party organizations. 

When you contact Resort Transfers International regarding a transfer, we will let you know right away if your property may fall into this category. If so, you will be referred to one of our industry associates you may be able to effectively help you find a resolution. As always, we suggest that you contact your resort and see if there is an amicable way to resolve your issues prior to contacting ANY transfer company.