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Maximizing Your Ownership

As noted throughout this website, one of the top reasons for owners to want to part company with their timeshare or vacation ownership is that they feel they are not seeing any value. It may be because they own a property with a lack of trading power/options, because they don't have enough points to get the most usage out of it, or simply because they just don't know what they own. In the big scheme of things, timeshare sales take place in a relatively short period of time. A typical sales presentation, from front to back, generally will last somewhere between 3 and 5 hours. You could spend that much time looking at an RCI catalog alone. And many owners just don't have or can't take the time to figure out how to maximize their ownership and get the usage they desire. The American Resort Development Association (ARDA) has a very informative guide called "Understanding Vacation Ownership". It is 17 pages long, yet a very easy read. It gives owners the fundamentals of ownership, a solid understanding of timeshare lingo and some great insight into timeshare, right to use and other vacation ownership plans. We have inserted a copy below to help you make a good decision about your ownership. Be sure to read it, it is well worth the 10 minutes.

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