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Along with the associations, developers have felt the brunt of the impact of the "relief" model. While we all know there is a need for viable exit strategies for owners who can no longer utilize their timeshare, we also know it is not practical for every developer to reacquire units. This is certainly the case in situations where a resort no longer has an active sales floor. Resort Transfers International has broad relationships with developers and HOA's, and has designed and implemented new models to find new, maintenance fee paying owners at prices that are just a fraction of the "relief" companies. By working together, we can find safe, common ground that is mutually beneficial for developers, associations and owners. Many transfer & relief companies have made a living off of discrediting developers and resorts. At Resort Transfers International, we work to establish relationships with the resorts to offer owners a real, cost effective exit of their ownership. Please fill out the form below and let's connect. Together we can make the industry better.


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