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Resort Transfers International

Resort Transfers International

Resort Transfers works as an independent, third-party to assist timeshare owners in relinquishing timeshare, Right To Use and points contracts they no longer use or want. We help owners who:

  1. can no longer afford their rising maintenance fees,
  2. no longer use their timeshare(s) as they once did,
  3. would like to have more diversity in how they vacation, or
  4. bought their timeshare on false premises. 

Resort Transfers has helped thousands of timeshare owners with the burden that is associated with timeshare ownership. We have developed countless relationships with vacation clubs, resort developers and management companies that have a need for timeshare inventory. Because of the volume of work we do, we have relationships and options that the average customer would not have.

The transfer process typically takes six months, but will be able to give you a better idea once we know your particulars. We accept 99% of the timeshares in the marketplace, so chances are that we can help you as well.


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If you are a new client, you can download all of the necessary documents required to facilitate your transfer.

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